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New Jersey School Information and Community Information

Whether you're relocating in New Jersey or looking to buy your first home, the following New Jersey School information and Community information is right at your fingertips. Find up-to-date and reliable information with those automated reports to help to guide your decision.


  • Community Information
  • Population
  • Education
  • Cost of Living
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Income and Net Worth
  • Climate
  • Crime                                  
    • Shopping and Groceries
    • Public Services
    • Places of Worship 
    • Recreation and Leisure
    • Food and Drink
  • School Information
  • School Profile
  • Enrollment and Staffing
  • Selected Features and
  • Programs
  • Subjects
  • Students per Grade
  • Test Results
  • Contact Information



    New Jersey School and Community Automated Reports

    New Jersey Community Report

    A quick and easy automated tool to find useful up-to-date detailed New Jersey community information and statistics, nearby schools and local businesses. Select Community Information or School Information. You  can even compare different zipcodes. Reports display an interactive map with colorful data graphs. 

    New Jersey City Profile Report  

    This report includes all the vital information about a city or ZIP code in an easy-to-read table. Local stats are compared with state and national averages to give a clear picture of a community’s strengths and weaknesses.
    Includes information on demographics, finances and economics, real estate, and other factors which may impact the quality of life.


    New Jersey Compare Cities

    You can pop in two cities or ZIP codes and instantly retrieve a report comparing all the statistics offered in the City Profile. From demographics to crime levels, all the information needed right at your fingertips.


    New Jersey School Report

    Provides detailed New Jersey school information on public and private schools, from kindergarten through twelfth grade. This school automated reports offers many interactive features such as displaying schools at varying distances (1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 miles) from a chosen address or select the schools you like and compare the statistics side-by-side!


    New Jersey Salary Comparisons Tool 


    The same position can pay a different salary depending on the location. Select a state, market and job, this tool immediately brings up the latest relevant salary figures.


     New Jersey School Information       New Jersey Automated Reports    

           New Jersey Community Information and Automated Reports


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