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Metuchen Real Estate New Jersey- Metuchen NJ Homes for Sale

Metuchen Real Estate, the Brainy Borough in Middlesex County, New Jersey

Metuchen New Jersey is also known as the "Brainy Borough" because of its affluent professionals, literary figures and artists. Its rich history started as a town in the mid 18th century. You still can find homes for sale from the Victorian era and other historic real estate. Metuchen along the years has kept the spirit of “small town USA”  and has a unique enjoyable friendliness and historic character. Main street features smaller real estate stores including cafes, restaurants and other quaint places. Metuchen Real Estate is entirely surrounded by Edison and  is just minutes away from the New Jersey turnpike, Garden state parkway, Interstate 287 and other main routes. The Metuchen train station is offering commuters to New York city a quick and easy commute. Metuchen real estate includes mostly single family homes for sale but also a few townhouses communities.  

    Metuchen Real Estate is quite Charming, Offering Victorian and Other Historic Homes for Sale 


Metuchen Real Estate Statistics - February 2013


Real Estate

Average Metuchen Home Price Number of Metuchen Homes Sold          Min. price Max. price DOM SP/LP



$344,500 4 $245,000 $429,000 6 98.5%



$207,500 5 $140,000 $290,000 115 91.8%

Metuchen Real Estate statistics are year to date, calculated for 2013 YTD on Sunday 02/03/2013 and real estate data is from the Middlesex County MLS. Please read our Disclaimer.


Historical/Trending Metuchen Real Estate Stats 

Year Metuchen Houses Sold Metuchen Average Sold Price Metuchen Minimum Sold Price Metuchen Maximum Sold Price Metuchen Days on Market Metuchen Sold Price / List Price
2006 120 $459,084 $230,000 $1,200,000 54 97.0%
2007 129 $478,049 $210,000 $999,999 56 96.4%
2008 119 $460,997 $172,000 $1,150,000 71 95.2%
2009 88 $415,674 $198,000 $850,800 76 95.2%


91 $441,357 $145,000 $1,030,000 67 94.6%


106 $378,103 $120,000 $745,000 85 93.9%


122 $396,344 $140,000 $1,150,000 67 95.45%


Year Metuchen Average Sold Price per Number of Bedrooms
2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms 5 Bedrooms 6 Bedrooms
2006 $310,433 $423,091 $506,689 $639,600 $960,000
2007 $307,744 $412,485 $594,250 $581,864 $760,250
2008 $275,822 $428,085 $508,320 $563,690 $825,454
2009 $296,333 $361,369 $506,737 $530,000 $476,250
2010 $249,589 $382,970 $512,328 Contact us Contact us
2011 $234,083 $356,451 $434,247 Contact us Contact us
2012 $232,556 $326,890 $442,004 Contact us Contact us

metuchen homes prices 2012

metuchen number homes sold 2012

Data source is coming from the Middlesex County MLS. Please read our Disclaimer.
Data source extracted for Residential Houses only and do not include Condos, Townhouses, Commercial Properties, multiple Dwelling, Adult Communities... 


Metuchen Homes for Sale

Local Metuchen real estate agents use the Middlesex County Multi Listing System or MLS to list Metuchen NJ homes for sale. This is the most reliable and updated database to search for Metuchen homes for sale. You can use my membership and search directly the MLS by clicking on the following link: Middlesex County Property Search . Once you find something you like, contact me and I will arrange a private showing. I lived in Metuchen for many years. I know Metuchen inside out and would be happy to help you find your next dream home in the Brainy borough...Just contact me when you are ready.


Metuchen Borough in Metuchen Real Estate, Middlesex County