Develop and Maintain Your Online Exposure for Real Estate Agents

Develop and maintain your Online Exposure for Real Estate Agents are the second and third classes we offer for this specific program. You may want to check the first class: plan your Internet Presence for real estate agents. Those two classes are following the same format and timing and are logically building upon the first class. Consequently, the preferred target audience are real estate agents who went through the previous first class. 

Those 3 classes are free and we encourage agents from other brokerage firms to come join us.


Develop Your Online Exposure - Your Main Online Tool: Your Main Website

Class#2  Outline: 

1.   Previous class quick review

2.   Developing your website for Search Engine ranking- Understanding webpages indexing

3.   Compete successfully against national real estate websites with long tail keywords

4.   3 areas to focus on immediately to improve your ranking

5.   Understanding and applying web Content

6.   Understanding and applying web Design

7.   Understanding and applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

8.   Wrap-up and actionable next steps

9. Q&A  



Develop your Online Exposure through Content, Design and SEO 


Develop Your Online Exposure - Other Tools

Develop your Online Exposure                                                   

Class#3 Outline

1.   Quick review: slide #3 and #8 from class #1

2.   Optimizing your online exposure

3.   Offline marketing

4.   Single property websites

5.   Blogging

6.   Online profiles and participation

7.   Social networking

8.   Online listings and Syndication

9.   Online Ads

10. Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

11. Wrap-up and actionable next steps

12. Q&A 


After those 3 classes cycle, participating real estate agents should be well advanced in the development of their own online presence.



The next class we offer is a stand alone class about search engine optimization for real estate agents (real estate websites and contents). Please note this class is for Keller Williams real estate agents. Next class: Real Estate SEO.